Lingering in Delicious: January's Featured Tiramisu Martini

The holidays may be over, but the experience of sipping on something delicious doesn't have to be.

Because we believe in that idea fully, we've created a dessert-in-a-glass-style drink that is sure to please the taste buds. We left the task up to one of our trusted bartenders, Justin, and we believe he concocted a scrumptious addition to the beverage book!

Introducing, the 'Tiramisu Martini.'


A rum liquor base delivers a ladyfinger-like taste; a principal element of classic Tiramisu.


Half a shot of espresso gives a rich, coffee flavor without overwhelming the senses.


Accompanying liqueurs make for a full Tiramisu-like taste, while a little bit of cream rounds out the flavors. Topped with a swirl of schlag (whipped cream) and a sprinkle of cocoa...delighting in the 'Tiramisu Martini' is an experience sure to be remembered.