PErtinent Information 


Safety Measures

Café Intermezzo stands committed to ensuring the ultimate safety of you, all of our guests, and our staff.  

Being an family-run company we are very committed to ensuring that our teams serve you to your expectations and ours 

We continue to retain the services of the Training Institute and have been for the past 20 years.  They train management and staff on state law and local ordinances to ensure conformity and alcohol serving responsibilities. 

Each cafe is regularly tested by secret shoppers to ensure that we are only serving guests that are legally allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages

Each cafe has staff that is ServSafe certified. All management is ServSafe certified. 

No weapons are permitted in our cafes.  We have this posted on all cafe front doors

We follow the Georgia Dept of  Health and the Tennessee Dept of Health guidelines for Service/Emotional/Therapy Dog visits to our cafes. If needed, please ask a manager for printed details upon arrival

We remain cashless.  This has safety measures that for the past four years have proven to be very effective.

We are a smoke and vape free cafe

We are not responsible for personal items (including leftovers) that have been left at our cafes. 

Outside food and beverage may not be consumed at our cafes


Our Kitchen offerings are prepared in environments where allergens are commonly present.  Please ask a manager for specific ingredient information regarding individual menu items 

Our pastries are produced in an environment in which allergens (such as milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and/or wheat) are present and used in baking. Please refer to the links offered on the Epic page which can be found under "Locations" to see the allergen charts for our pastries.

The two gluten-free pastries we offer (Apple Crumb Cheesecake and Old Fashion Chocolate Torte) are baked in facilities where gluten products are present and used in the baking of other pastries. These two pastries are also displayed in our cases alongside other gluten pastries.

If you have an allergy to ingredients commonly used in food and bakery production we highly recommend that you refrain from ordering when in doubt.

 Current Health Scores 

 Midtown Cafe 96 

 Dunwoody Cafe 91

 Avalon 94

 Nashville 98

Epic Baking

We are very proud to operate an immaculate bakery that is inspected by the FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The most recent inspections: FDA 10/12/23 and GA Department of Agriculture 06/27/23

An industry Food Safety Specialist works with the bakery to provide consulting services that will ensure that we stay up to date with legislative requirements for food safety

If there is anything we can do to make your experience all the more comfortable please notify your host, server, bartender or manager on the floor.

Or, you are welcome to contact us directly

Thank you.  

Brian and Page Olson