Sooi-Kit Cheng Less


“The best part of my job is that I don’t know what kind of challenge will be waiting every morning until I arrive to work!”

The optimistic Sooi-Kit Cheng, or “Cheng” as we call him, is Café Intermezzo’s Controller. Though payroll, financial statements, and sales tax filings are a few of his primary duties, he’s always willing to pitch in with other tasks when needed. He’s even stepped in to handle with cheesecake deliveries!

Though originally from Malaysia, Cheng received his college education in Georgia, at both UGA and Georgia Southern. While a Bulldog, he gained unique perspective on the food industry as an employee with the UGA Food and Science lab.

“We were doing things in the lab to replicate the possible extreme circumstances that could happen in the food system. One example is that we inoculated Salmonella in the chickens and eggs and incubated the samples in the fairly warn incubator to see how the bacteria grew.”

While later living in Statesboro, Cheng worked in food service for the university, and then at Braswell’s Food Company, where he was the 'Food Technologist.' While in that post, he managed quality control, research and development, food safety, and government regulations.

He says that he originally became intrigued by the Café Intermezzo concept because it's "a romantic place to be."

When he isn't crunching the numbers at our corporate office, Cheng enjoys staying abreast of current affairs through reading the news.

Carina Posch

Marketing & Recruiting Manager

Carina Posch was born and spent most of her life in Austria; a small, charming European country of fewer than 9 million people. Vienna, the largest city in Austria, is home to the famed Viennese cafe culture that inspired Café Intermezzo. Though Carina adores her home country, she had always been fascinated with the enterprising spirit of America, and the beauty of the vast and varied American landscape. She graduated in Media Design and worked for the past 9 years for marketing agencies, a vegan cosmetic company and the hotel industry. In 2017, Carina got a job offer in Southwest Florida, and said goodbye to the country she grew up in to follow her American Dream.

Though she loves her adopted home of America, and the vast possibilities it has to offer, a part of her misses the quiet elegance of the Viennese coffee house.

"It’s important that you just be there, enjoying the passage of time, or having a pleasant conversation with a companion. In the rapidly moving world we all live in, there is nothing more precious than spending time with someone, over a cup of fine quality coffee.

I will always remember the day I first experienced Café Intermezzo. It was a cold, grey January day, my husband and I had just finished moving our entire apartment, and I was feeling especially tired and homesick.

My husband surprised me with a coffee date at the Midtown location, and as soon as I walked in the very first thing I saw was the glass cabinet with all the cakes, as the smell of roasted coffee beans filled my head. Instantly, it was as if I was transported back to Vienna, Austria. It really lifted my spirit that day.”

Nearly nine months later, Carina joined the Café Intermezzo team as their marketing and recruiting manager, and is thrilled to work for a company and brand that holds such meaning for her.

When she is not working, Carina enjoys spending time with her husband, writing novels, reading and traveling the U.S.A.