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Our History

Long before the modern “Coffee Houses” adorned corners all over America, Café

Intermezzo embodied the essence of the 300-year-old European coffeehouse. 

Step into Café Intermezzo, and you are stepping into another time, another place.
It’s a vacation, a holiday, an 'intermezzo', or 'intermission' 
between the busy acts of your life ...  in musical terms, it’s your rest between
'allegro' and 'adagio.' A wonderful cappuccino, a beautiful pastry, and your
getaway or rendezvous is complete. On another visit, you might enjoy breakfast,
lunch, dinner, or a late-night appetizer with a glass of wine or a cocktail.
The Beverage Book offers hundreds of choices. “TourGuides” take you through
descriptions of nearly sixty pastries. Café Intermezzo has been presenting
the place, the time, the choices for over forty years. It is truly a

tradition, complete only with the presence of you!

Our Vision

Café Intermezzo began as an idea in 1971, when Brian Olson traveled to his heritage
homeland of Germany. Visiting a Konditorei in Berlin (bakery-Café), and then
many more throughout Germany and Austria, brought conviction that the
Europäische Kaffeehaus (European coffeehouse), as a significant Place in the
lives of its guests, had a potential for a home in America. As a respite in a
person’s day, a place to stop, to relax, to think…as an “intermission ” between 

all of the activities and responsibilities, Olson believed that the Kaffeehaus
would provide a distinct and wonderful refuge in the ever-expanding world of
fast-food and environments designed to expedite takeout beverages and foods.
The European coffeehouse represents the antithesis of food and drink in a
hurry. Here the music, the aromas, the art, the sheer nature of the Café all
represent the essence of the coffeehouse experience. Rush and chaos are left
outside the door. Inside abounds the almost ethereal stuff of thought, of the
body at-ease and the mind simply doing what its owner wants it to do.
Rendezvous with a friend, hold a meeting, or simply ponder the moment, the day,
or the lifetime in solitude. Each is, and all are, sufficient reasons for
being there.  Please visit the location page for hours of operation
for each location.