Epic Bakery

Each cake is a labor of love, combining the perfect blend of passion and baking know-how. Our Epic Bakery offers more than 23 cakes and cheesecakes. Our Epic pastries are complemented by five other old world bakers that range from Milan, Italy to Decatur, Georgia.

We are very proud to operate our bakery that is inspected by the FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The most recent inspections: FDA 10/12/23 and Ga Department of Agriculture 06/27/23

An industry Food Safety Specialist works with the bakery to provide consulting services that will ensure that we stay up to date with legislative requirements for food safety.

Please be advised that our pastries are baked in an environment in which allergens (such as milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and/or wheat) are present and used in baking. They are also displayed in our cafes alongside other cakes which may themselves have been baked in an environment with allergens and contain allergens in their cakes. Our gluten-free Apple Crumb Cheesecake is baked in an environment where gluten is present but not used in baking this variety.

Our cafes have a complete list of allergens present in all of our cakes and complete ingredients lists which include all sub-ingredients where allergens may be present.  

You can quickly reference allergens present in our cakes by clicking the links below. Please contact Page Olson: polson@cafeintermezzo.com (anytime) or Cartier Moultrie: cmoultrie@cafeintermezzo.com (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) for additional ingredient details

If you have an allergy to ingredients commonly used in baking we highly recommend that you refrain from ordering our pastries

For whole pastry inquiries please contact Page Olson at: polson@cafeintermezzo.com

All pastries are 10" in diameter

Tortes (non-cheesecake) $75

Cheesecakes $80

Tortes: (non-cheesecake)Carrot, Chocolate Raspberry,Cookies & Cream (Oreo),Heavenly Lemon,Light and Dark,Party Time, Red Velvet, Strawberry Cream,Triple Chocolate

Cheesecakes: Apple Crumb gf, B-52,Cannoli, Chocolate Candy Brownie (M&M),Chocolate Peanut Butter (Reese's),Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream (Oreo),Hazelnut Chocolate,Key Lime,Tiramisu, Traditional (Plain),White Chocolate Amaretto and White Chocolate Raspberry

We have additional varieties from outside bakers - such as Frutti di Bosco and Traditional Tiramisu - reference the allergen list below for all of these pastries- please contact Page for availability

Omar Sharifi

Bakery Manager

Omar Sharifi was born and raised in Afghanistan, his background includes Computer Science and Engineering. He graduated from Corvit Systems School as a System Engineer and became a Microsoft Certified Professional. When Omar moved to Georgia, he realized his new-found passion for food and decided to join the bakery team at Publix Supermarket Chain. He spent over 6 years at Publix Supermarket Chain in the bakery department and over 2 years at Sprouts Farmers Market as an Assistant Manager. Omar served as a lead baker and trainer at Sprouts in-store bakeries. He also served about 2 years as a Field Merchandiser and a bake trainer at Le Grand’s Marketing retail customers, including Sprouts Farmers Market. In 2018, Omar joined the Epic Bakery team. He credits his success to his passion for indulgent desserts and sharp eye for details. When he’s not working, Omar enjoys spending time with his family and he enjoys traveling and watching soccer.

Cake Tops! For cake Pops!

In Partnership with BrewAble, Alpharetta 

"First, a huge THANK YOU to Café Intermezzo for your generous donation of the cake tops that we use to make our cake pops! They're always one of our top selling items but, more importantly, the process of assembling the cake pops gives our Brewistas valuable job skills as well as a great sense of accomplishment in creating an item that is so liked on our menu."

Cake Tops for a sweet treat after a meal consistently provided to:

Eye Believe Foundation - North Metro Atlanta - feeding the homeless