Intermezzo + Batdorf: For The Sake Of Exquisite Coffee

While you sit, sip, and savor the rich, silky flavor of the espresso at one of our cafés, a team of coffee experts are working on future roasts at their facility in downtown Atlanta.

Batdorf & Bronson, originally founded in 1986, prides itself on producing and distributing their product through a genuine interest in the craft, and strong relationships - a reciprocal effort for all parties involved.

“It’s a lot of relationship coffee where we’re dealing directly with the farmers. And by getting involved directly, it’s for the benefit of both of us. Better prices for them, occasional help and assistance financially when needed. And for us, it means better coffee. More special coffee that you can’t just find anywhere.”

That’s Chandler Rentz, java ‘junkie’ and Batdorf’s Director of Training and Development.

He explains how the company treats those delivering the final product with the same care and attention.

“We thrive on those long relationships for many, many years. It’s all about win-win. We want our customers to be thriving and be healthy because it behooves us…it means they’re gonna be in business longer. There are times where things are rough and ‘Oh you need a new piece of equipment? We’ll help you get that piece of equipment.”

A seeming ’symbiosis’ for the sake of great coffee.

And speaking of equipment, Rentz walks us over to the roastery’s unmistakable spectacle, complete with a miniature Elvis caricature spinning amidst a new roast.


“Right now, you can see the beans in that window. They’re turning kind of like a cinnamon color.”

He explains the physical changes the coffee roaster forces upon each bean as they collectively turn into a fully-prepared roast.

Around here, there’s no mistaking the passion and attention to detail.

“When it comes to coffee, any little thing that’s not exactly what we wanted sits with us for a while. It’s all about innovation, always grabbing more information, learning new things…all for the purpose of being able to more consistently produce that excellent cup of coffee or espresso or whatever it’s going to be.”

“That’s what drives everything.“

Intermezzo + Batdorf