The month of love -- and therefore, the month of 'sweets' -- is upon us!

To celebrate all that is rosy, we created a new adult beverage that is refreshing and well-balanced in its sweetness, tang, and strength.

Say hello to the 'Mezzo Rose.'

This gin-based martini is specially engineered for February as it's accompanied by a light, house-made rose syrup. Pomegranate and lemon add a fruity zing, while a touch of St. Germain keeps it crisp.

Finished with a splash of bubbly, this specially-featured drink is simply made for celebration.


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Written and published by: Atlanta Jewish Times on January 3, 2018

"Hadassah Greater Atlanta ( held its 2017 Centennial Leadership Institute graduation and installed its 2018 officers at Café Intermezzo in Dunwoody on Dec. 10.

Linda Hakerem and Michele Weiner-Merbaum, Hadassah Greater Atlanta’s leadership vice presidents, officiated at the graduation and the installation. They were the 2017 facilitators for CLI, which is designed to bring knowledge, leadership skills and passion to Hadassah."


Sheila Dalmat, who was installed as the Atlanta president for a second term, explained why each attendee was given a rose: “Roses are beautiful, fragrant and remind us of celebrations of life and love. Roses also have thorns, need care (pruning/cutting) and feeding (water and food) to achieve their full beauty. Let’s always nurture our souls and care for our needs and the needs of others so that we can celebrate with full, beautiful roses.”

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Friendships can mean the world, in life and in business. And as we finish the building of our newest location in the Dallas/Plano area, we’re thrilled to have one of our longtime friends working behind-the-scenes on a piece so special to what Intermezzo provides.

Jesse Orozco, owner of Orozco Espresso in Southern California, has known our founder, Brian Olson, since before Café Intermezzo first opened its doors in 1979. Brian and Jesse met while both working for a Los Angeles-based company called American Best Coffee, which imported espresso machines and pasta machines from Italy.

Now, forty years later, Jesse remains ‘the guy’, the craftsman...the artist, for the building of our machines.

“We’re retro-f...

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The holidays may be over, but the experience of sipping on something delicious doesn't have to be.

Because we believe in that idea fully, we've created a dessert-in-a-glass-style drink that is sure to please the taste buds. We left the task up to one of our trusted bartenders, Justin, and we believe he concocted a scrumptious addition to the beverage book!

Introducing, the 'Tiramisu Martini.'


A rum liquor base delivers a ladyfinger-like taste; a principal element of classic Tiramisu.


Half a shot of espresso gives a rich, coffee flavor without overwhelming the senses.


Accompanying liqueurs make for a full Tiramisu-like taste, while a little bit of cream rounds out the flavors. Topped with a swirl of schlag (whipped cream) and a sprinkle of cocoa...delighting in the 'Tiramisu Martini' is an experience sure to be remembered.

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It's a joy to feature lovely words written by those who choose to dine with us and share about their experience with others.

Below, a blog written by the publication Trips to Discover.

'Cafe Intermezzo Boasts Atlanta’s Best European Cakes & Coffee'

Written by: Karyn Wofford of 'Trips to Discover'

December 7, 2017

Cafe Intermezzo, which means a “café intermission” from the daily grind, was inspired in 1971 when the founder traveled to his home country of Germany. He discovered an abundance of quaint bakeries, also known as “Konditorei,” as well as the traditional “Europäische Kaffeehaus,” or European Coffeehouse. Europeans use these places as an escape, and Cafe Intermezzo has been design...

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“What’s in a name?” said Juliet to Romeo in the classic Shakespearian tale.

Well, at Café Intermezzo, the answer is a lot.

The combination of the words “café” and “intermezzo” were chosen and combined with great purpose by President/Founder Brian Olson. Together, they describe the core essence of what this coffeehouse aims to provide customers, both in physical and experiential offering.

“‘Intermezzo’ is an Italian word that was created for the opera. And it means, literally, ‘intermission’…something between two points,” Brian explained.

“The use of ‘intermezzo’ in our case was to create the reality that someone could come in ...

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Turkish coffee: You might’ve seen or heard about it, while being left to wonder what it is exactly.

This historic Arabic caffeinated beverage has roots that trace back 400 years. Theories vary about the particulars of its coming into being. But, it is known that coffee bean-based experiments at the Sultan’s palace spawned it’s origination. At the time, mortar-ground coffee was boiled in a pot called a ‘cezve.’

As people outside the Ottoman empire eventually learned of the concept, the selling of it became big business in Turkey…and its preparation wasn’t solely for consumption. The process, however, was regarded as a special event; a cherished tradition.

Similar to the way Café Intermezzo ha...

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The wreaths are hung, decorative "Santa" sits above the pastry displays, and Christmas music charms the ears. The holiday spirit is alive at each Café Intermezzo location!

But we've got more to indulge your festive desires than decorations...

For an exclusive period of time, a long-beloved holiday flavor takes center stage through both the 'Peppermint Bliss' cheesecake and the 'Peppermint Bark In A Glass' martini.

Try either...or both! You will not leave disappointed :)


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For many years, Café Intermezzo has opened it's doors on Thanksgiving afternoon to welcome guests who might have been far from home, new to the city, or just had nowhere else to go to spend the holiday. On this day, and like all other days of the year, we have happily served all who are in search of a relaxing and beautiful place to spend their time.

This year, however, we are choosing to take a rest on this holiday. We will be open regular hours at all of our locations on Wednesday, November 22, and will reopen for you on Friday, November 24.

We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your years of patronage and wish for each of you, a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


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While highly-anticipated, the holidays can be a stressful time of year. But, a step into the romantic ambiance of a European escape, surrounded by your family, friends or coworkers, can be just the calm you need in the midst of the bustle.

Our events team will make sure your wishes are fulfilled and your special time thoroughly enjoyed.

Happy Holidays, from all of us at Café Intermezzo! 🎀 We hope you can join us.


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